• Tap-A-Drop™ One Drop Deodorizer Applications: In Corners of Lobbies, Pool, Dining and Lounge areas, Elevators, Stairways, Workout areas. For rooms, add one drop to ash trays, waste baskets and self contained Heating and Air Conditioning units. Original, super concentrated one drop odor counteractant eliminates all malodors for up to 24 hours, while leaving a pleasant low-level fragrance.
  • Nilium™ Water Soluble Deodorizer (Concentrated)

    Applications: Mopping - Add 1 ounce to 1 gallon of cleaning/disinfecting solution. Carpet Extractors - Add 1/2 ounce to 1 gallon of carpet cleaning solution. Air Freshener - Add 2-4 ounces to 1 quart of water and mist into air, spray around restroom fixtures or spray into waste receptacles.

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    Red 1 removes synthetic food dyes such as Kool Aid, Gatorade and many others.  Red 1 meets all the professionals needs.  Fast acting, best performer.  Good for all fiber types.  Free rinsing.  No residue.
  • Pro's Choice "Foam Kill" is a fast acting, long-lasting silicone defoamer. Just a few squirts into your suction hose or recovery tank will handle the most severe foaming problem. Dilution: RTU PH at dilution: N/A Container Sizes: Gallon Form: Liquid
  • 1sTÆiD is an environmentally safe stain remover with powerful protein and organic enzymes for removing some of the most resilient stains like blood. It comes in concentrated form and the dilution ratio is 1:16. This means that one 32oz concentrated bottle will make 16 Quarts of spraying solution for direct use on carpet and any material that can get wet. MSDS (PDF) -Container Size: 32oz bottle = 1 quart -Dilution For Stain Removal: 2 oz. per Quart  of water (1 to 16) -Dilution For Carpet Extraction: 16 0z. For Every Three Gallons -Form: Concentrated Liquid -Unit per case: 12 Quart bottles