What is Carpet Medics?2020-01-03T22:22:52-08:00

Carpet Medics is a Nevada Corporation which was originally founded in the summer of 2002 in the beautiful Southern California, Serving Hotels in the greater Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego areas.

What is Carpet Medics’ Purpose?2020-01-03T22:45:35-08:00

We provide a comprehensive solution for carpet maintenance for the Hotel and Hospitality Industry.

What is Carpet Medics’ Goal?2020-01-03T22:45:27-08:00

To provide our customers in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry with the highest level of service and most innovative carpet care products.

What is Carpet Medics’ specialization?2020-01-03T22:26:22-08:00

Carpet Medics specializes in carpet restoration for the Hotel and Hospitality industry. By restoration we mean bringing the integrity of the carpet back to its original state by eliminating difficult problems such as:

  • Stubborn Stains
  • Burn Marks
  • Discolorations
Does Carpet Medics sell Products and Accessories to the General Public?2020-01-03T22:28:27-08:00

Carpet Medics originally provided services to the Hotel and Hospitality Industry exclusively, distributing Products and Accessories along with our services to make carpet restoration possible and pragmatic. However, we now provide Products and services to other carpet care companies and the general public as well. A list of all of our Products can be found in our online store.

Do you also provide Training?2020-01-03T22:28:58-08:00

Yes. We educate and train select members of our client’s staff in the art of carpet restoration to equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to remedy carpet problems when we are not immediately available for onsite service.

How can we order Products?2020-01-03T22:30:25-08:00

Almost every Product and Accessory is available for ordering from our online store. We fulfill orders anywhere in the United States.

Dos & Don’ts of Carpet Care


1. Never use shampoo or other soap on any stain!

2. a. Don’t worry about getting the wool carpet wet, BUT
b. Never leave a PUDDLE in your carpet, EVER!

3. Refrain from using HOT water on the carpet! (Especially Wool) (Would you use hot water to wash the shirt that you have on? Then why use hot water on a beautiful and expensive carpet you’re stepping on? If the stain remover/carpet cleaner product that you are using is effective enough, you will never need hot water. Trust us!! We will always be happy to demonstrate this concept in real life for you.)

4. Replacing your existing carpet is not unless a Carpet Medics representative has examined your carpet and recommended it OR your hotel is planning on going through a major renovation anyway!

5. Avoid using a Bonnett or other spinning machines as a quick fix on your carpet! These machines don’t really work except maybe for pretreatment. Extraction is always needed after applying any chemical to any carpet. These systems are just gimmicks and work temporarily for very short few hours (Not Even Days)


1. Always use 1st-Aid on any given stain and extract the stain with lukewarm water First! 1st-Aid can help you remove more than 90% of the stains that you encounter. If 1st-Aid does not take the stain out, do not waste your time and immediately contact Carpet Medics.

2. If you don’t know what your next step is going to be, please do yourself a favor and contact Carpet Medics for an absolutely free consultation over the phone!


3. Remember that we do more than just Stain Removal. We also specialize in Burn Mark Elimination and Restoring Discolored Spots !

4. But also remember that although we can impress you with some serious magic, we just haven’t managed how to BRING THE DEAD BACK TO LIFE, yet!