We at Carpet Medics are firm believers of the “Right Prescription for the Proper Restoration”. However in the real world of medicine the prescription without the appropriate directions will not be as effective and often may even be harmful. This is equally true in the world of carpet restoration. In fact we believe training is a vital part of becoming successful at eliminating any carpet problem. Hence we have formulated training packages for each of the three methods:

  • Stubborn Stain Removal
  • Burn Mark Elimination
  • Discolored Spot Restoration

During each training session there will first be an overview of the most common issues in each of the above three categories. Following the overview we will then proceed to hands-on practical exercises on specific issues including the usages of chemicals, equipments and /or toolkits needed for particular subject at hand.

MediTrain Listed Price

Training Period Price
½ Day (4 Hrs.) $500
2 x ½ Day (4+4 Hrs.) $1000
Full Day (8 Hrs.) $800 (w/ 20% discount)
2 Hrs. (Min. Visit) $250

* MediTrain for MediCart (Training included with the purchase of Medicart)

Training Period Number of Sessions
½ Day (4 Hrs.) 6
Full Day (8 Hrs.) 3

* Medicart training sessions are interchangeable. You may use your training time on the subject of your choice. Training sessions can be as sporadic as the client chooses them to be. Our clients will be issued credit for the unused training time.