Restoration of Discolored Spots is one of Carpet Medics’ notorious masteries.

This can be and usually is a long and an extremely tedious process. The difference between us and other carpet dyers is that we guarantee our work from the top to bottom for the life of the carpet we perform on.

Our steps to follow for this lengthy process are as follows:

  • We always assume that the discoloration of the carpet was caused by chlorine (bleach), which is one of the most harming elements to carpet. Therefore we first treat and saturate the entire contaminated area with a freshly made batch of liquid bleach neutralizer solution. This assures us that the bleach deeply hidden in the carpet and padding is penetrated and killed on the spot, so not only it stops harming the carpet but also it is prevented from discoloring the carpet afterwards.
  • We then completely rinse, clean and extract the contaminated area using Carpet Medics’ 1sTÆiD along with EDIC’s Bravo Spotter.
  • At this time using the pH paper we check the pH level of the carpet and make sure that it is fully neutralized.
  • A blow dryer is used to swiftly and deeply dry the carpet making it ready for the step that makes this entire process worth it, Spot Dying.
  • Choosing and combining colors and mixing the powder dyes from one of our Dye kits with hot water in a dye bath, we match the colors needed for spot dying the discolored spot of the carpet to almost perfection.
  • We then very carefully and patiently apply the dye to bring the color of your carpet back one drop at a time. Other steps and chemicals in the kit are used for quick adherence, longevity and durability of the dye color.

Note: Due to lengthiness and time consuming nature of this process we usually refrain from performing a demo on a discolored spot. However once granted the opportunity to perform the entire process, Carpet Medics guarantees the job for the life of that carpet.