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Tap-A-Drop™ One Drop Deodorizer .5oz Dropper Sold 12/cs Onl


Tap-A-Drop™ One Drop Deodorizer

Applications: In Corners of Lobbies, Pool, Dining and Lounge areas, Elevators, Stairways, Workout areas. For rooms, add one drop to ash trays, waste baskets and self contained Heating and Air Conditioning units.

Original, super concentrated one drop odor counteractant eliminates all malodors

for up to 24 hours, while leaving a pleasant low-level fragrance.



Tap-A-Drop™ One Drop Deodorizer

Tap-A-Drop contains our proprietary odor counteractant, Super N Concentrate, which provides the most technologically advanced method of odor neutralization. One drop per 1000 cubic feet will neutralize malodors up to 24 hours.

Applications: For use in waste baskets, bed pans, cancer rooms, sick rooms, diaper pails, garbage disposals, smoke odors, shoes, basements, etc