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1sT ÆiD Wool Safe Organic Stain Remover Sold 12/cs Only


1sTÆiD is an environmentally safe stain remover with powerful protein and organic enzymes for removing some of the most resilient stains like blood. It comes in concentrated form and the dilution ratio is 1:16. This means that one 32oz concentrated bottle will make 16 Quarts of spraying solution for direct use on carpet and any material that can get wet.


-Container Size:

32oz bottle = 1 quart

-Dilution For Stain Removal:

2 oz. per Quart  of water (1 to 16)

-Dilution For Carpet Extraction:

16 0z. For Every Three Gallons


Concentrated Liquid

Unit per case:

12 Quart bottles




1stAEiD MSDSv2This Is A Must For Those Whom Arrive 1st On The Scene!!!

1sTÆiD is designed as the 1st course of action against any stain and is also excellent solution for carpet extraction. Do Not Waste Your Time with other products that can hardly remove common stains like; food stains, grease, coffee, juice, etc. Use 1sTÆiD on difficult stains such as Blood, Lipstick, Crayon, and the toughest High Traffic Soil or even Copier Toner. It will amaze if not startle you. Try 1sTÆiD and witness the magic for yourself. You can eliminate most of the common stains on your carpet without any professional help. For other seemingly impossible to remove stains, please refer to our Stain Removal page or contact Carpet Medics.

Various Usages1sTÆiD is especially formulated and is excellent for all types of carpet and upholstery. Yet it can be used on metal fiberglass, glass, tile, painted surfaces, wooden surfaces, and all fabric not harmed by water. Before applying the solution to any fabric, check for color fastness. This simply means to be sure that the colors will not run or bleed when water is applied. 1sTÆiD does NOT contain any Soap, Bleach or Ammonia and is safe to use on Velvet, Velour, Polyester, Wool, Wool Blends, Silk, Satin, Cotton, Cotton Blends, Leather or Vinyl. This means you can also use it on upholstery, drapery and clothes.

Directions To Use: Remember, 1sTÆiD comes in concentrated liquid form. For best results, do not use this product full strength. Always premix 1sTÆiD with water in a separate spray bottle with your desired consistency. For Stain Removal simply pour 2oz. of 1sTÆiD into a 32oz. spray bottle and fill the rest with water. For Carpet Extraction mix 16 oz. of concentrated solution with three gallons of water. Bear in mind and use this product sparingly, even in water diluted form. By over saturating the contaminated area you will not necessarily gain better results. Never leave a puddle and make sure to rinse and extract or at least blot dry the problem area with a clean towel after each application. For further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Carpet Medics.