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Nilotron® 6.75 oz. Aerosol Metered Refills Sold 12/cs Only


Nilotron® 6.75 oz. Metered Refills

Applications: Lobbies, Pools, Dining and Lounge areas, Stairways, Public Restrooms and Workout areas.

•Refills fit into the Nilotron dispenser and contain a refreshing fragrance and odor counteractant for long term odor neutralization. V.O.C. compliant.



Nilotron™ aerosols represent a revolutionary improvement in the environmental safety of odor counteractants dispensed through aerosols. Nilotron™ aerosols contain the original Super N Concentrate, the most technologically advanced odor counteractant available.

The 7 oz. NILOTRON™ Refills contain 3,100 metered releases. Select from 24 pleasing fragrances.