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ODORLOCK Full Release Aerosol Odor Eliminator Sold 12/cs Only


Applications: Lobbies, Dining and Lounge areas, Stairways, Public Restrooms, Hallways, Guest rooms and Pool areas.

• Use ODORLOCK as a full release or hand held aerosol to permanently eliminate severe odors.


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Neutralize Severe Smoke, Mildew, Pets and Body Odors

Lock out unwanted odors with this 3 oz. full release aerosol. ODORLOCK™ contains a fast acting odor counteractant to neutralize active odor causing molecules. Use ODORLOCK™ to eliminate odors and restore freshness in:

•Hotel Rooms  •Autos  •Smoking Rooms

•Pet Rooms •Homes •Garbage Rooms

One can of ODORLOCK will neutralize odors in rooms up to 3,000 cubic ft.


Severe Odors- Using as a full release. place on a piece of paper in the center of the room, aim the can away from face and press the grey button down until it locks into place. Leave the room for a minimum of 10 minutes.

Light Odors- Use as you would a hand held aerosol. Hold down the grey button and spray around the room or auto. For larger rooms walk around the room fanning the aerosol.

3 oz. can – Natural (Hypo-Allergenic) 05430 / 12 per case

3 oz. can – Mountain Spa 05431 / 12 per case