Tools Required:

Wet Extraction Machine (Our recommendation: EDIC’s Bravo Spotter). Steam Air Blower (Our recommendation: EDIC’s Aviator or Aqua Dri).

Stain Magic

Aqua Dri


Chemicals Required

Dual Chamber Spray

Power Gel


DCI Light

Stain Magic


  • Apply Pro Solve Gel to the problem area on carpet.
  • Agitate gently but thoroughly to dissolve contamination.
  • Allow dwell time.
  • Apply Power Gel to contaminated area.
  • Again agitate gently but thoroughly.
  • If needed apply steam to contaminated area to maximize the effect.
  • Very thoroughly rinse clean using cold or room temperature water in extractor.
  • Use a clean terry towel to lift whatever moisture was left by extraction.
  • Place Air Blower to fully dry the carpet.

Note: As always wear a pair of protective gloves (Latex Gloves Preferably)