Stain Type: Hair Dye, Curry, Turmeric, Henna & Saffron

These stain types are amongst the most challenging and difficult stains you may encounter. However, we at Carpet Medics have had numerous successful results by following the procedures below, even on, most sensitive, wool Carpets. The key to the success of this procedure is a lot of patience. Just take it easy with following each step and be confident that you will eliminate the stain though the process may seem very slow. Good Luck.

Stain Magic

Aqua Dri


Chemicals Required

Always apply 1sTÆiD to the stain 1st, before any other element. If you do not achieve the desired results, then proceed to the following: Pro Solve Gel and Power Gel.

Dual Chamber Spray

Power Gel


DCI Light

Stain Magic


  • Apply the concentrated form of Power Gel onto the stain, spray a little clean water onto the contaminated area and agitate thoroughly.
  • Note: Apply heat from a steamer conservatively (5-10 second intervals) and see the reaction/behavior of the carpet to the heat (Almost all carpets can withstand the temperature, unless of low quality or very sensitive wool; even then you can use steam but very conservatively. It is wise to apply heat on inconspicuous part the carpet first, to assure yourself of the fastness)
  • If you feel the heat will not harm or discolor the carpet, proceed to apply the steam with the steamer to the carpet in 30 second intervals.. You should see some serious results by now.
  • Rinse the carpet with clean water in extractor’s solution tank and watch for the foam that is being extracted (Do not extract all of the solution and reapply heat 15 to 30 seconds again and rinse and extract a little; repeat this process a few times)
  • When substantial results achieved, try to extract as much of the solution in the carpet as possible by rinsing often with clean water in solution tank. Follow this procedure by frequent dry strokes (No spray this time, just extract) to bring carpet to maximum dryness.
  • Use a clean terry towel to pick up whatever moisture was left by extraction.
  • If you still have not achieved the desired results, then proceed to the following, otherwise go to step written in italic.
  • If the stain still shows, using a dual chamber trigger sprayer apply Stain Magic (mixed solution) to the carpet. (To expedite this procedure and notice substantial results, place a DCI Light on the contaminated area on the carpet.)
  • Allow up to an hour for dwell time. The stain will disappear gradually.
  • Wipe the contaminated area with a clean terry towel to blot dry.
  • If the stain still shows repeat the above three steps.
  • Very thoroughly rinse the carpet using clean room temperature water in extractor. Follow this procedure by frequent dry strokes to bring carpet to maximum dryness
  • Use a dry clean terry towel to pick up whatever moisture was left by extraction.
  • Place Air Blower to fully dry the carpet.


As always, wear a pair of protective gloves (Latex Gloves Preferably)
It is highly recommended to avoid using a steam iron instead of the steamer. The iron can work against you as their temperatures are less precise and it is harder to use for smaller stains. If you do not have access to a steamer, contact Carpet Medics.