Tools Required:

Wet Extraction Machine (Our recommendation: EDIC’s Bravo Spotter). Steam Air Blower (Our recommendation: EDIC’s Aviator or Aqua Dri).

Stain Magic

Aqua Dri


Chemicals Required

Always apply 1sTÆiD to the stain 1st, before any other element. If you do not achieve the desired results, then proceed to the following: Pro Solve Gel and Power Gel.

Dual Chamber Spray

Power Gel


DCI Light

Stain Magic


  • Apply the diluted 1sTÆiD solution (1:16 ratio) with a spray bottle directly on the stain.
  • Agitate gently but thoroughly to dissolve contamination.
  • Using a wet extraction machine rinse and lift the dissolved contamination
  • Repeat the above three steps.
  • If you do not achieve the desired results, then proceed to the following, otherwise go to step written in italic.
  • If the stain still shows, after blot drying the carpet as much as possible,use a dual chamber trigger sprayer and apply Stain Magic (mixed solution) to the carpet.
  • Allow up to an hour for dwell time. The stain will disappear gradually.
  • Wipe the contaminated area with a clean terry towel to blot dry.
  • If stain still shows repeat the above three steps.
  • Very thoroughly rinse clean using cold or room temperature water in extractor.
  • Use a dry clean terry towel to pick up whatever moisture was left by extraction.
  • Place Air Blower to fully dry the carpet.